Project Description


A cycling marathon’s commencement is an incredible experience. Nothing compares to seeing the smiles on the faces of riders returning after their first ride with the wind in their hair, red cheeks, and full of stories as they engage with one another on and around the bicycles. We like seeing how bicycle marathons are expanding over the globe and are always open to new participants.

Greenhouse gases have a huge impact on not just our environment but on us as well. Therefore, Manthan has been organising cycling events with the goal of fostering environmentally friendly modes of transportation and demonstrating the positive impacts of cycling on both health and the environment.

Riding across streams

The mission of our cycling events is to promote the importance of environmental protection and freedom from emissions. We try and educate society about the adversities of fossil fuel use and their impacts on human health as well as the environment. Our events are primarily targeted at the young students, local residents, and educators who convey our message for broader propagation.

People have positively perceived our mission and are enthusiastically participating, encouraging our NGO to organise more such events. Now we are hosting our cycling marathons for neighbourhoods, nursing homes, cities, and people to join our green, environmentally friendly movement. We are willing to make a change and are looking forward to raising funds for this cause by spreading our consciousness throughout the world.

Being a true leader and environmental conservationist, our NGO’s president, Mr Samir Ghosh, is always excited to bring new events for mass participation. Therefore, if you are one of those health and environment-conscious individuals and your mission is just as much as ours, we invite you to join our green revolution and set an example to make this world a better place to live.