Project Description

Drug, Alcohol, and Smoking De-Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are growing menaces in society. Due to a lack of education and proper guidance, young people are mostly driven toward drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Even after having strong laws against substance abuse and illegal substance possession, people do not have fear and keep moving into the darkness with each passing day. Not to mention, there are several adversities associated with substance abuse. Domestic violence, homicide, extortion, or any other crime are all somewhat related to substance abuse.

There is no escape from the clutches of substance abuse until individuals are properly explained and educated to avoid this death sentence. However, regular usage and increased addiction can compel and manipulate people to go back to their respective substance addictions even if they are willing to let go and move on.

Social Cause

At Mantha, we know that relieving yourself from the grip of their additions is not easy. And it’s not even possible to let go in one day. Therefore, we have extended our helping hand to substance addicts who are willing to lead a healthy and addiction-free life. Apart from organising No Tobacco campaigns, Anti-Drugs rallies and alcohol de-addiction programmes, we have joined hands with certain rehabilitation and correction facilities. Considering our true cause of making a clean society, more and more rehabilitation centres are coming forward to join hands with us.

Apart from de-addiction campaigns, we are also involved in other social welfare activities, such as book distribution events, blood donation camps, and organising cultural activities and programmes, to name a few. As an ex-army veteran, Mr Samir Ghosh believes that a clean society is a healthy society. Therefore, he has joined many more in his noble mission. Observing them, more and more people are willing to join hands. It is about time that both you and I come forward and support his “Manthan”!

  • Lots of kids are very brilliant at our native place Parambua. But due to poor financial aid, they were not able to follow their dreams. After discussing with teachers and staffs of School and local persons, we identified them and distributed books to them for following their passion and their bright future.

  • A road at our locality was kept unrepaired by Om Shanti hotel after putting of pipeline. We spoke to the owner to repair it as early as possible. But still after repeated follow-up the road was not repaird. After some day we saw that the hotel was seized. After which me and my son took the the initiative of repairing the road at night. We bought the required materials for the repair and worked on it and made it successful.
  • A main road from Lokenath Railway Station (Before Tarakeswar Station) towards 07 KM Dasghara) my native place, village Parambua was in horrible condition. Whichever vehicle passes through it, gets a tire puncture for sure. It was left like this for 3 years. We took the initiative and arranged to complete the main road from Lokenath to Parambua. I visited the Panchayet Samiti office, Local Police Station, the local MLA’s and arranged to do the work.

    By staying at Kolkata, I repeatedly followed up with everyone and visited whenever required and successfully made it.

  • Stood against anti-social workers and all alone coordinated with police and single handedly cleaned and removed the bamboos and debris infront of the Office.
  • Arranged a feast personally for approximately 70 support staffs at our office in respect of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”.
  • Encouraged and took the initiative of 36 person in leaving tobacco, smoking and consumption of alcohol.
    The numbers are still growing. 10-15 persons are now under observation, who’s name will also be added into the list.
  • Arranged a cleanliness campus of Parambua Jagadhatri High School Primary School with the help of some students & locals relatives. I have personally engaged with them and encoraged them to do the work as a social activity.
  • The road infront of Gupta Snacks was filled with dustbin and food wastes. It was occupying the public area and proper cleaning was not done. Coordinated with local police station and Municipal Corporation and made that area cleaner than before.
  • Took Motivationl Classes of school students at free of cost for healthy leaving and better future. Also encouraged them to do as much physical activity for good functioning of brain.
  • No ATM and bank branch was present at our village. People had to travel long distance to get their bank work done. I took the initiative and applied for ATM and Bank Branch at our village. The application is accepted and work of ATM has started. The bank branch will also be opened shortly.