Project Description


Every marathon has distinct yet potent energy and depending on the person, it means something different. Some people view a marathon as a benchmark for physical fitness, daily motivation to run, and a means of enhancing their health. Some people view a marathon as a fun event that allows them to jog for 5–6 kilometres with their friends and experience the joy of a carnival. A marathon presents an opportunity for some people to showcase their athletic prowess, test their own limits, and compete to be among the top long-distance runners.


Sometimes it is an opportunity for some people to spread kindness, support runners, and participate in the energy that a marathon brings to a city. It’s also a chance to celebrate the spirit of their hometown. A marathon presents a significant opportunity for team building and employee engagement activities for some organisations. For an NGO like Manthan, it is a true blessing because it gives us a platform to find new individual and corporate backers and raise money for our social awareness campaigns and projects.
For us, a marathon is more than just an annual event. Manthan is a year-round organisation that supports initiatives across Kolkata, giving local leaders and changemakers the tools they need to improve their community on a local level. Our NGO has a direct connection with the marathons we host, and we organise skill exchanges, foster relationships, provide training, and assist in any way we can to uplift the neighbourhood and address the problems that face it.
Samir Ghosh, the President of Manthan NGO, is supported by volunteers and local leaders who have been recruited from the community. Manthan NGO is now legally and well-recognized in Kolkata. A group of local employees manages the NGO and works tirelessly to help the neighbourhood and ensure that any funds are used for the intended purposes.
We locate community leaders, initiatives, and people in need and connect them with you so that you can provide them with the assistance they require for the betterment of society. Along with this, the team also manages the difficulties that come with working in a developing nation. We conduct in-depth monitoring, evaluation, and learning to ensure that we are having the greatest possible impact on the region.